Version 4.2.1028 (August 31, 2018) Download Binaries

  1. Abridged user interface, with better real-time feedback of current independent variable state
  2. Simplifed distribution. Contains only 3 test protocols - VA, Luminance, and CSFC
  3. Improved auditory feedback
  4. Improved data acquisition interface

Version 4.2.1018 (March 29, 2018) Download Binaries

  1. Added NIDAQmx Support for 64 BIT analog input and digital I/O
  2. Backwards compatible with 32 Bit Windows systems (XP/7)

Version 4.2.1016 (May 21, 2017) Download Binaries

  1. Improved operation of the USB mouse click response. When there is only one stimulus location, pressing either left or right mouse button will result in the correct response being scored. When there are two stimuli locations, left click will correspond to stim1 and right click to stim2.
  2. Improvements to color scheme making it easier to read thresholds
  3. Created large size labels for CPD, Contrast and Luminance
  4. Fixed a bug in message when license expires

Version 4.2.1009 (April 10, 2017) Download Binaries

  1. Generated a PDF report file containing list of thresholds and graph

Version 4.2.1007 (March 5, 2017) Download Binaries

  1. Improvements to graphics system to detect additional display settings
  2. Configures itself automatically for single or multimontior displays
  3. Added "normal data" plot to CSF Graph
  4. Added ability to exclude Sensitivity from CSF Graph
  5. Fixed a bug where the CSF Graph window could disappear
  6. Mouse override is to 'on' by default for initial installation
  7. Fixed a bug in vertical spatial frequency (now equals horizontal) when checkerboard stimulus is turned on
  8. Default LUT is VPixx (Sony option added)

Version 4.2.999 (February 23, 2017) Download Binaries

  1. Stimulus can be displayed in full screen or windowed mode
  2. Improved color coding of tests in the CS Graph (using a rainbow color wheel)

Version 4.2.990 (December 20, 2016) Download Binaries

  1. Added additional variables to datafile thresholds when saved in sequence

Version 4.2.988 (December 2, 2016) Download Binaries

  1. Improved Plotting of yT Behavioral Data
  2. Checking ROI is optimized
  3. Small bug fixes to data file reader

Version 4.2.984 (November 15, 2016) Download Binaries

  1. Import and graph upto 150 CSFC Graphs
  2. Drag and drop data files into the CSF Graph Window
  3. View all CSFC data points w/click by opening an excel spreadsheet
  4. Added threshold time stamps
  5. Stop/start and change spatial frequencies during the test

Version 4.2.971 (October 2, 2016) Download Binaries

  1. Added digital documentation
  2. Significant improvements to CSF Testing/graphing
  3. Added a low vision CS testing protocol

Version 4.2.947 (September 15, 2016)

  1. Added GLSL support for bit dithering
  2. Added GLSL support for 4K and 5K displays ("2560x1440", "3840x2160", "5120x2880")
  3. GUI improvements

Version 4.2.932 (August 22, 2016)

  1. Performance and stability Improvements
  2. Faster sample rate using CPU timer
  3. Smoother graph rendering

Version 4.2.929 (July 18, 2016)

  1. New dynamic stimulus in GLSL
    - Drifting Grating
    - Counterphase Grating
    - Flickering
    - 3D Orientation
    - Checker Grating
  2. Multi-threaded performance improvements
  3. Stability improvements
  4. CSFC graph received many improvements
    - Autoscaling axes
    - Import/export CS thresholds
    - Sorts thresholds/CPD in ascending order when collected pseudorandomly
  5. Gain/offset keyboard controls enhanced
  6. Updated all 3rd party drivers (eyetracking, boost_1_60_0)

Version 4.2.863 (July 24, 2015) Download

  1. Updated to latest Tobii TX300 drivers
  2. Updated to latest EyeTribe SDK
  3. Updated to Boost 1_57
  4. Added a recent projects shortcut to the main menu
  5. Eye position window hides/appears when the eye tracker input changes
  6. Fixed programming hanging on exit when eye tracker input was selected

Version 4.2.856 (June 11, 2015) Download

  1. Added bidirectional staircases
  2. Ability to test staircase results under mock trials conditions
  3. Columns in the Statistics Grid can be reordered

Version 4.2.852 (June 7, 2015) Download

  1. Improved graphing of yTbehavioral events
  2. Properly recomputes and renders saccade and blink events after velocity threshold values have been changed
  3. Added the count of saccades and blinks
  4. Fixed a bug created in joystick scaling when using mouse
  5. Improved gaze-contingent responses during blinks
  6. Significant improvements to EyeTribe and Arrington interfaces
  7. Added the patient message control
  8. Improved importing data files

Version 4.2.810 (April 29, 2015) Download

  1. Added polar graph with heat map for perimetry analysis
  2. Completed data file playback
  3. Added CSFC Import